Front view of packet

AgroBeads are granular in shape, organic bio-fertilizer for plants. It contains nitrogen fixing micro organisms which helps fix nitrogen in the soil. It also breaks down natural nutrients in the soil thereby helping roots of the plant to absorb those nutrients easily. The active microorganisms in AgroBeads creates healthy and natural environment in the soil to promote growth of the plants. 


Net weight: 50g


The whole packet contains enough Agrobeads to cater 10 plants for 3 months


- Flowering & Fruits depend on the photo period and varies in winter & summer. - The crop yield may vary based on the management practices & other environmental condition like temperature, light, etc.


  • Benefits

    • Improves plants vigor and extends plants life.
    • Greener, shinier, and Healthier leaves.
    • Improves blossoming of flower.
    • Immensely increases nutrient uptake.
    • Enhances overall quality and appearance of plants.
    • Provides all essential organic nutrients to plants.
  • Application

    • For potted size 10 inch, sprinkle approximate 10-12 AgroBeads near roots of the plant/ near seed while sowing. Push AgroBeads gently into soil. Do not bury deep. Water regularly as usual.
    • Apply once in a week