Beneficial Microbes

Increase Yield with the help of

We extract nitrogen fixing bacteria from healthiest crop and trap those microbes in organic matter. This nitrogen producing microbial product, can then be applied at any stage of growth right from seeding to full grown crop, near the roots. These microbes then colonizes the soil. These microbes takes nitrogen from atmosphere which is abundantly available and converts it into nitrate. In this way, the beneficial microbes delivers nitrogen daily throughout plant's growth cycle. 

With increase in soil pollution, improving soil fertility has become an important factor and a need of hour, and nitrogen is a critical nutrient in crop production. Currently in use chemical fertilizer like Urea penetrates deep into the soil thereby causing soil pollution. Moreover, only 60% of these chemical fertilizers are utilized by the crop. Rest either remains in the soil or washes off to nearby water bodies. 

The beneficial microbes in our product breaks down the excess phosphate and nitrate modules which are then utilized by the roots of the crop.

We are addressing the nutrient absorption issue through these naturally-occurring microbes that deliver nitrogen in a timely and efficient manner through biological nitrogen fixation — resulting in more productive and predictable crop yields for farmers without nutrient degradation, leaching, or runoff into waterways.